The fashion industry is responsible for throwing away/ burning 13 million tonnes of textiles every year! 

We want to do our bit to change that!

We are now making small number of ready to ship items, to keep up with demand (YAY) however a lot of our items are still made to order which means we are not producing more stock than we need.

Most of our fabrics are print to order fabrics, meaning they only print what we need, and we only order what we need to complete your outfit! The factory uses environmentally friendly inks and uses up to 70% less water than other printing companies.

Each piece is high quality and made to last, so you can re-wear your items or hand them down for many others to enjoy.

We also keep any scrap pieces bigger than 7 inches to make our specialty patchwork pieces (available by custom order) which means less textiles making their way to the bin.

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